What to do with the with the space under your deck

Using every inch of space wisely is important for a homeowner. You want to be able to enjoy the space as much as you can, or at least use it for something. The “under the deck” area is one that is often just left abandoned. This is a waste because you can do a lot with that area rather than leave it as a muddy eyesore. What you can do with it will depend somewhat on the pitch of the yard and the space between the ground and the floor of the deck, but there is a lot to consider. Here are just a few possibilities.

Screened in porch

The area beneath a deck can easily be finished and turned into another outdoor seating and living area. This creates a double-decker feel to the structure with a deck on top and porch below. You can have a couple options if you want to hang out outside with a slightly different atmosphere to both. The floor will need some work to take it from a dirt surface to a porch floor. You can make it more of a patio feel, or a raised wooden surface. With a deep slope, more structural work may have to be done. A roof that drains is important, so the floor of the deck isn’t just dropping water into the porch below. There are options to accomplish this. Triangle Deck Builders can work with you to make a great porch beneath your deck.

Storage Shed

Another popular option is to create a shed to store all your tools, your lawnmower, and maybe extra stuff that can’t fit in your attic. A roof and floor will also have to be constructed for this but can be a bit more rustic since it’s less for looks and more for keeping your things safe from the weather. You’ll want to have the area enclosed more to keep your possessions safe from prying eyes. Also, a padlocked door is usually necessary for extra security. Many people put siding on the shed that matches the home, as well.


One of the more low maintenance options is just to level the ground, put stones or bricks down, and make it a patio. Patios are open air seating areas that don’t take any extra structural changes. Just set up your floor, and most of the work is done. You can add lighting options, seating, a grill, and other accessories, though, to take things to the next level. Whether you want to make a screened porch, a storage shed, a patio, or another option entirely, give us a call at (919) 699-1602. Triangle Deck Builders in Raleigh can not only build the deck, but help advise you on the best use of the space underneath.