Composite Decking

The Triangle’s weather is great for enjoying time out on a deck, but if you want to avoid sanding and staining that deck every year, it matters what materials you use. Composite materials have been used for quite a while and offer many benefits over traditional wood, and even over pressure-treated wood. Triangle Deck Builders offers composite decking to give more choices to our customers that may extend the life of their decks.

Composite Decking: Durable and Low-Maintenance

Consumers were initially skeptical of composite material decking. It was a little more expensive, and people weren’t sure it really looked like wood. In recent decades, though, it has come way down in price and way up in quality of look, feel, and overall strength. Composite decking has now become the preferred decking for many contractors and homeowners. The benefit of composite decking is that it avoids many of the common pitfalls of traditional wood, including pressure-treated wood. It does not rot like wood. It does not attract termites like wood. It doesn’t even give you splinters like wood will when you walk in your bare feet. Composite decking is also a sustainable choice for those who are concerned about responsible consumption. The boards are made from recycled woods and plastics from various sources. As much as possible, plastic bottles and shopping bags are used for plastic rather than use new petroleum.

TimberTech Is our Preferred Brand

There are many good brands of composite decking, but we have been particularly impressed by TimberTech. They make all their products here in the United States and offer many advantages over competitors, like a 30-year fade and stain warranty. The boards are protected on all four sides with capping, which many of the other companies do not do. We are happy to discuss other brands as well, though.

Triangle Deck Builders Can Help

There are many decisions to be made when perfecting your home and property here in Raleigh-Durham. The material you use to build your deck may not seem like a major decision, but the amount of money and hassle that can be avoided by making the right choice is quite substantial. Triangle Deck Builders is ready to advise you on your best options. We like composite decking, especially TimberTech, and use it on many of our projects. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with it, as well. Give us a call at 919-699-1602, and we’d be happy to discuss your options further.