Why To Use Exotic Wood For Decking

When looking for the right decking material, our Raleigh Durham area customers will ask about a material’s strength, lifespan, cost, and appearance. It is often a matter of balancing these elements to find decking that will look good, last a long time, and fit within your budget. Exotic woods are newer on the domestic American scene, but they should definitely be included in the mix when one is considering their options.

What are “exotic woods?”

The decking that is termed “exotic” tends to refer to tropical hardwoods that come from Brazil and other Latin American sourcing. At the moment, Brazil does have a corner on the market for exotic hardwoods and many of their suppliers ship directly to the installer, eliminating the potential for any middleman markups. The main varieties of Brazilian hardwood decking to be aware of, include:

– Ipe (pronounced ‘ee-pay’)

– Cumaru

– Tigerwood

– Garapa

Benefits of these exotic decking options

Because the wood is from trees that thrive in the Brazilian rainforest, they are acclimated to resisting mold and rot, since that is a very humid and rainy climate. They are also able to survive the swarms of aggressive insects native to these areas, so American termites and carpenter ants are no match for these dense woods. This durability helps exotic hardwood decking last between 25 and 30 years, depending on circumstances. Another advantage of exotic decking is the wide variety of styles and shades that give many options to the homeowner as they look to match their existing colors. There are very dark, rich colors and lighter, brighter ones, as well.

Common Concerns

Some customers hear “exotic hardwoods from the Brazilians tropics” and become concerned they may contribute to deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. Thankfully, these concerns can be put to rest rather easily since the companies that source these products do all they can to avoid any practices that will hurt their reputations. More information on any wood we provide is available to prove their “sustainable sourcing” status. The other main question about exotic, imported hardwoods is, aren’t they probably more expensive? This is a valid concern, and they can be more pricey, but they do last a lot longer, take less maintenance, and hold-up better against mold, rot, and insects. They are very competitively priced, and often cheaper than composite materials.

Triangle Deck Builders

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