Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosures a Cost-Effective Alternative to Glass

While enjoying time on your porch during the warm Carolina summer can be relaxing, having the right enclosure can make a big difference in how much you enjoy it. With no enclosure, you’ll get the breeze, but also the rain and insects along with it. With a screen, you’ll get the breeze, and the insects will be kept out, but your view will be somewhat obstructed, and the rain has no problem passing through. This leaves you with glass enclosures. These are very expensive and when they are shut, you often just feel like you’re back inside, not on a porch.


Our Raleigh Durham area customers will be happy to hear there is another option. The Eze-Breeze system is a best-of-all-worlds kind of product. It is breathable like a screen, allowing in the cool breeze, but it also keeps out insects, rain, snow, and other outdoor nuisances. Best of all, it is significantly less expensive than the glass alternatives, while still being just as transparent. Glass can shatter or crack, but the Eze-Breeze system is a series of vents made of vinyl. When an impact or pressure affects one of the vents, it is durable enough to bounce back to the same shape quickly, usually without even being damaged.

Light and Easy to Operate

Glass is also known for being heavy, making it difficult to install, clean, and move up and down. The Eze-Breeze vents look similar to windows, but they are light enough to be moved with one finger. Replacing beautiful, clear glass with vents might not sound attractive. Those who install the Eze-Breeze enclosures, often get a lot of compliments on their appearance. You’ll have to see them to fully understand, but they are see-through and organized in panes like windows.

Variety of Options

The Eze-Breeze is made-to-order and completely customizable to your home. The enclosures can slide vertically or horizontally and come in a number of sizes and colors. They not only can enclose decks and porches, but some customers even replace their garage doors with them to create a modern, open look. The company is so confident in their product; they have a lifetime warranty on the frames and a 10-year warranty on the vinyl, the screen, and all the moving parts.

Triangle Deck Builders Is an Eze-Breeze Installer

In Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding areas, Triangle Deck Builders is a local, reliable installer of the Eze-Breeze enclosure system. We have experience customizing the process for individual homes and then installing them with attention to detail. The Eze-Breeze is a system we recommend to our customers because it is affordable, attractive, and appears to be the best-of-all-worlds when it comes to enjoying the outdoors while not be exposed to too much of it. Give us a call at (919) 699-1602 and let’s discuss how Eze-Breeze would fit your outdoor space.