What Is a Pergola and Why You Should Have One

In the United States, we often use the term arbor to describe a garden feature on which vines are often hung. This isn’t always accurate, though. Arbors are more of an arch, generally, while pergolas are a fuller structure with four or more posts. A pergola is what you see on a patio or out in a yard covering a larger space. The pergola has posts connected by crossbeams with some lattice work on top. It almost gives the feel of being inside a room but is almost entirely open. They are traditionally made of wood, often longer lasting woods like cedar, but are now sometimes made of aluminum or vinyl, as well. Triangle Deck Builders can discuss what may be best for your tastes and property. Now that we know basically what a pergola is, why should you invest in one?

Stylish and Classy

Fashions come and go, but style and class remain. The pergola belongs to the more permanent category. Even though they are experiencing a lot of popularity at the moment, they are also a style that has staying power. The ancient Romans and Greeks used them in their gardens, so you know it’s not simply a modern fad. A pergola gives the sense of structure to your yard, defining a space apart that can be used to entertain or experience a quiet moment alone.


Not everything is about aesthetics and style, though. As a practical matter, a pergola can add just enough structure overhead to block the sun beating down from above. On a patio, it can be a minimalist way of maintaining the natural light and feeling of being outdoors while mitigating the more brutal extremes of sun and heat. Because it’s lattice on top, it’s not a full roof, but then again, you likely don’t want to put a roof over your patio and lose that outdoor feeling anyway.

Space-Saving Garden

There are a lot of beautiful and creative things you can do with plants on a pergola. Some put grape vines on them as the Greeks did. Others have flowering plants or just green vines. If you’ve put a slab of concrete out in the yard to put a patio though, these plants will add a lot of personality to what may otherwise just look like concrete surrounded by grass. You may not have the space to put a full garden, but this is a way to have the feel of a garden while not eliminating space you want to use for a patio or your lawn.

Triangle Deck Builders Builds Pergolas

If you’re interested in investigating whether a pergola would be right for your property, give Triangle Deck Builders a call at 919-699-1602. We are experienced in customizing garden features of this sort in many contexts. If you want to discuss materials, what plants to use, or where to put it on your lawn, we’re happy to talk. We build in the greater Triangle area, including towns like Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Morrisville, and Holly Springs.