Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Screened Porch

Porches serve to bring our lives closer to the unique natural elements surrounding our homes. Every setting for a house is different and should attempt to complement its natural surroundings. When considering a screened-in porch and how to best fit it in with your property, you’ll want to work with a team that knows just how to fit it in with your yard, trees, and landscaping. Triangle Deck Builders in Raleigh are your ideal teammates in this goal.

Welcoming Nature in

The most common reason for deciding on a screened porch, as opposed to a patio or deck, is that the screens serve as protection while still inviting the beauty of nature in. There is nothing more soothing than hearing the soft rain landing on the leaves inches away. But without the protection of the roof and screens, we are affected by inclement weather, insects of all kinds, and other natural intrusions. Screened-in porches are a balance that affords us the ability to have an intimate connection with the natural environment of our own property, while simultaneously being sheltered from rain, sunburns, debris, and bugs.

Integrating Your Property’s Characteristics

It’s important to consider what the character of your property is when you seek to integrate your porch in with it. Does it have more of a wooded feel? Maybe you can add some accents that work off of these qualities, like framed pictures of similar trees and plants. Also, having actual potted plants present is a good way to enhance this integrated feeling. You can try to match the look of the colors around you with the plants you choose. This may change throughout the year, depending on the season, so be open to adjustments. Is there a body of water around? Maybe incorporate design elements related to that, too. Triangle Deck Builders can help match the colors of the materials we use, as well, so they fit aesthetically with your home and the yard.

A Screened Porch Can Balance Natural Beauty and Comfort

As humans, we instinctively want an intimate connection with nature. Successful design has always focused on more fully integrating our protected interior spaces with the environments around us. To accomplish this, we must be open to working with experts in design and construction who have years of experience balancing all these elements. This expertise requires the creativity of design, the skilled craft of tradesmen, and the attention to detail that are the hallmarks of the Triangle Deck Builders team. Call us today at 919-699-1602.