Questions to Consider When Considering a New Deck, Porch, or Patio

As the Raleigh area continues to grow, new arrivals are looking to improve their properties. A very common question we at Triangle Deck Builders get is, should we build a deck, a porch, or a patio? Of course, this is an important question that needs to be addressed before you move forward. But, before that can be answered, you’ll first need to consider some other questions.

What will you use the space for?

When you imagine yourself using this space in the years to come, what are you doing?

Grilling: Those who love to grill should avoid using a screened porch for this because the smoke gathers under the roof. Patios and decks are better for grilling.

Napping: For those who want to lay in a hammock and drift off for a bit, a screened porch will protect you from sunburn, storms, or swarms of insects.

Enjoying your backyard: If you imagine yourself moving between the yard and the space a lot, a patio may be the best since it is at ground level.

Who will be using it?

Will the space be used by a retired couple, a young family with kids, a house full of pets that need access to the lawn regularly, or a young adult who will have friends over to relax? Each of these customers have very different needs. Young children are often best corralled on a screened porch, for example.

What is your budget?

While any of these options can be built economically, there are different price considerations. For those with the smallest budgets, a patio is often the best option. It is built at ground level and doesn’t require any change to the home’s structure. The next most affordable is a deck. Decks can be built to fit any budget and have advantages over a patio, like a raised platform at the level of the door. Screened porches are a bit more expensive than the others because of the roofing, lights, fan, and screens. For those who want to enjoy the outdoors while staying dry, out of the sun, and away from bugs, though, a screened porch is worth the money.

What are the limitations of the space?

It’s important to be realistic about what may best fit the space you are building. If it is a steep, uneven slope, a patio may be harder to construct. If you want a space off of an upper room, of course, you will have to build an upper deck. If the ground is almost level with the first floor, a patio may be the best option. Just take an honest look at your space and consider what would work.

How much extra effort are you open to?

Decks have some extra maintenance over a patio. You will need to seal them regularly and keep them clean of mildew and free of insects. A deck or porch is also considered to be a structural change that will need to be approved and inspected by the local zoning authority. Patios are simply part of your lawn, so this is not required. Thankfully for you, Triangle Deck Builders will take care of this whole process for you, so it will not be a hassle.

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